The Exercise of Imperial Power

Decentralization on an international scale does not by definition negate the power of the US government to intervene. I can offer two very clear examples, both of which demonstrate the exercise of what might be best described as Imperial power: Panama and Switzerland.

In the case of Panama, when it was clear that Noriega was acting counter to the interests of the US drug warriors, US armed forces were unleashed and in short order the drug war returned to status quo. The operative interpretation still in use by the DEA is that bad actors who enable criminal activity in the US will be pursued everywhere in the world. This doctrine has gone far beyond the limits of the DEA’s purview since 9/11.

US laws changed dramatically in the aftermath of 9/11 and the full extent of the powers enabled by the Patriot Act (and associated laws) have still not been revealed. In the case of Switzerland, which had resisted opening its banks to foreign scrutiny for generations, the US threatened an economic war, similar to that exercised against Iceland to achieve the Wikileaks shutdown. This whole sphere of control was enabled in the interest of “tracing terrorist money sources.”

If the Mericuh can exercise power, it will. Living and doing business in the ANZAC countries, for example, offers little or no protection from US interests. Australia is more amenable to requests than New Zealand, but Mega & Kim Dotcom are just one example of the exercise of extra-territorial power in ways once thought unimaginable.

Life, Mericuh

Anarchists in the USA

To put it simply, as an historian, 100 years ago self-described anarchists blew shit up. Stalin was an anarchist first in Georgia, and then later co-opted the Bolshevik party to become a totalitarian dictator. Anarchists were terrorists in every sense of the word.

Beginning in the 1970’s punk rockers began to re-define what the word anarchy means. At that point an anarchist was someone who cared less about musicianship than shocking the audience. They were likely to spit on anyone within reach, and would attempt to start fights with little or no provocation.

More recently the international Anonymous & Occupy movements attempted to redefine anarchy as a more palatable philosophical movement, with mixed success. Anonymous LulzSec blew up web sites, metaphorically, before their leader turned government informant. The Anarchist Black Cross group (ABC) infiltrated Occupy in many cities, and became known for their black hoodies & broken windows during “non-violent” demonstrations.

Words change from decade to decade and the word anarchist is currently in flux. However, in general, the term anarchy has been an indicator of potential violence for over 100 years.


An Oligarchy

Mericuh is an oligarchy. Plutocrats rule a one-party state through purchased political servants. Demopublicans, Republicrats, call them what you will, their propaganda is different, but their actions are consistently the same. In other exciting news the FIAT dollar is deeply corrupted, in a monetary sense, with little actual value.


Father’s Day Conversations


My daughter just thanked me again for supporting her childhood years with cool, inappropriate information and other things. This time she had a list:

Michael Jackson bleached his skin, she got punished for saying that at school in the early 90’s (my friends in the LA music biz who worked with him had a LOT to say about MJ, very little good).

Christopher Columbus mostly murdered & enslaved the native people in America (she got sent to the principal for telling that truth on Columbus day).

Platform sneakers (Spice Girl era) to wear on “free dress” day at her Episcopal school in 5th grade, we had to hide them from her mom (well after our divorce, which happened when she was 3).

Black glitter fingernail polish (or any other color she wanted) whenever she asked, even though her mother didn’t approve. That probably started in first or second grade.

Then there was that homemade lemonade I made all the time that she really loved. I still make it.

I always said yes to going out for Mexican (I love me some Mexican food always have).

And, last but not least, she’s not going to have kids soon, but she did allude to all the turmoil she caused coming back on her in spades when she does have them. Karma!

My son called too and we talked about how to run your own business for a couple of hours. Totally different & equally fun and wonderful.

Hope you & yours had an awesome day!


We Do Whatever We Like

Golden words from the web site: “… the president and other national leaders wanted an agency that would be independent of any of the policymaking branches of government” and “Congressional oversight has existed to varying degrees throughout the CIA’s existence.” Someone might paraphrase the conjunction of these ideas as “We do whatever we like and we lie about it” but that’s an over-simplification. Sometimes they’re just a bunch of toddlers hoping mom will never find out they spilled the milk.